Stretch Goal #2 IN THE BAG. 24 hours left!

WOW! We just reached our SECOND STRETCH GOAL! We are really feeling the love, y'all. We're thrilled to have a budget for tour support, and we're excited to send our $25 & up backers your GREATEST HITS albums. 

AND we still have 24 hours to reach for Stretch Goal #3: Music Videos - $55,000! If you've been enjoying our ridiculous little videos during this campaign, imagine what we could do with a little professional help (flash mob, anyone?). 

Because we love you, if we reach this goal, all backers at the $40 level and up will get a hanky that says, "All the feelings, all the time." Because you need it. For your feelings.

Only 24 hours left to become a backer!

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