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WE DID IT! This calls for a montage.

Woo hoo! WE DID IT! 

796 backers...$56,110...goal surpassed...THREE stretch goals nailed. Incredible! Thank you to each of our backers for your amazing, epic support! Y'all knocked it out of the park. 

It's difficult to express how much this…

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Stretch Goal #2 IN THE BAG. 24 hours left!

WOW! We just reached our SECOND STRETCH GOAL! We are really feeling the love, y'all. We're thrilled to have a budget for tour support, and we're excited to send our $25 & up backers your GREATEST HITS albums. 


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On the road again...

You guys, we have 3 DAYS LEFT to reach Stretch Goal #2 - $50,000 - Tour Support

We have a special treat for you if we get there: All backers at the $25 level and up will get…

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It's time to break out those sweatbands and leg warmers and REACH for our first stretch goal: $45,000 - PUBLICITY!  

If we raise $45,000, we'll be able to pay for a PROFESSIONAL PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN,

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100% FUNDED! Pausing for deep gratitude.

Sometimes in life you just have to pause and acknowledge how absurdly blessed you are. As we hit our first Kickstarter goal yesterday (which guarantees that our record will be funded), we thought about what a privilege it is to…

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Holy WOW!

Holy wow, y'all! Thanks the generosity of Ty's dad and 116 of you, yesterday was an incredible day for our Kickstarter. In ONE DAY, we raised $6,024! That is stunning. It's inspiring. It was amazing to see so…

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50% funded! We're HALFWAY THERE!

Last night, we saw the total on our page hit $17,500, which (doing some quick math) means we're halfway to our goal! We can't even tell you how much this means to us - thank you for pledging, sharing, increasing…

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$10,000 in ONE DAY?! Consider our minds blown.

[Originally posted on 1/27/16]

We woke up this morning to see that our Kickstarter campaign has surpassed the $10,000 mark in the FIRST DAY. We are humbled and awestruck. What a vote of confidence, you guys! This calls for celebration…

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