Faith & Fumes now available on!

Mouths of Babes' debut EP "Faith & Fumes" is now available online at CD Baby! Great news for the holidays: it fits in a stocking, it is eminently stuffable, and it's only $9.99.

Go get "Faith & Fumes" at CDBaby!

Here's what people are saying about the EP:

"You guys. YOU GUYS. Mouths of Babes is the new musical project of Ty and Ingrid and you absolutely have to hear them. I've loved their music separately for so many years and trust me that this new project is stunning. 'Faith & Fumes' is one of my favorite tracks on their new EP (which you should totally get). Over the last few years I have been less on top of what's happening in the folk world and feeling less passionate about music in general. This is the first new music I've heard/seen in a long time that gives me that omgineedMORE feeling again." - J.B., Northampton, MA

"After some intensive listening time with Faith & Fumes (which is now, in its entirety, on my daily playlist), I just want to congratulate you both on an awesome EP. Every song rings true: lyrics, melodies, instrumentation, production - just perfect; not many artists can pull that off in their first official release." - K.B., Nova Scotia, CAN

Hope you like it too. Happy holidays, everyone! xo ty
& ingrid

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