The new blogamajig

A blog? As Woody Allen said in Annie Hall, "Aren't you ashamed to pontificate like that?"

Why, no! No, we're not. We quite like it. One of our favorite parts of this job is getting to know you folks. A lot of that happens on the road, and some of it happens online, on Facebook, etc. But we're not always able to chat at length after shows, and as we all know, social media has its limits. So we've carved out this little space here at MoB HQ to share a little more of our lives. As in, what does it look like to be independent musicians who tour around in our car in 2015? What really happens after the shows, while we're driving, and when we're trying to balance our books (operative word: trying)? What issues are we thinking about? How did we get through the day today? How did you?


At the Kate Wolf Music Festival, right before Ingrid's dad brought Ty a birthday cake and the whole audience sang Happy Birthday. Then everyone ate cake.

You can still get our Official News on the home page - you know, big articles, announcements, and the like. This space is for all the other stuff - the human stuff. We hope to share little bizarre stories, nuggets of cracked wisdom, calls to action for causes we believe in, and even hacks and practical tips for all you creative types. If all goes according to plan, the end result might be something like a road journal, food blog, and personal development course wrapped up in one. We'll see what happens.

We promise not to over-share about our dog or laugh at our own jokes. So subscribe to our feed and you'll automatically get a notification when we write a new post.

What would you like to hear more about on our new blogamajig? Leave your suggestions in the comments!